A Presence On Campus

"I love collecting art and Navajo rugs, because as a student of history, I realize that artifacts are as important as they are beautiful."
Appreciative of the highly educated and passionate about the mission of universities, Bill has dedicated his professional career to assisting the people he most admires - those called to shape society through the dissemination of knowledge.

For decades, faculty and senior administrators have walked across the street to his office for a clear understanding of what to expect in retirement and "the details" of what to do with their money.

"I'm a student of history and great literature because in my business it is important to communicate well and have a long-term perspective."
With 27 years of experience in financial and retirement planning, Bill has helped hundreds of university educators make successful retirement transitions. His clients have capably reinvested their retirement assets and implemented methods to help reduce taxes and manage risk

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"What’s important is what you do once you know what you are doing."

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