Planning For You

Retirement planning is a test of your financial education. Today, what grade would you give yourself?

Knowledge is essential. So is action.

You will need to act now to realize a meaningful retirement.

Who can help you take concrete steps toward that vision? Bill Westcott.

Less mystery, more mastery.

What steps can you take to shield and protect your "serious money" - the assets you have accumulated through the ASRS, ORP and any supplemental retirement accounts? Must you wade through pages of institutional jargon to make the right decision?

Talk to Bill first. He can succinctly explain your options and provide an overview of your choices. What seems dry and esoteric at first makes sense in minutes with his insight. He can also present you with different retirement scenarios, illustrating the potential outcomes of different financial decisions you might make.

You’ll feel confident about your money, and your future. You’ll appreciate the straightforward, simple reports you receive.

More choices, less uncertainty.

At the start of your academic career, you may have been offered only a handful of investment choices through the big, institutional providers. You really have many more choices. Bill can help you explore these simple, prudent strategies. He can also assist you in planning to control taxation of your retirement income and possibly extending tax deferral of your retirement assets to children and grandchildren.

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"What’s important is what you do once you know what you are doing."

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